All about galenic formulation in sustainable beauty Respect & New Br’earth

Future of Beauty: Going for Responsible Galenic Formulation

As concerns over climate change and pollution continue to grow, consumers are seeking more sustainable beauty. Innovative and responsible galenic forms have emerged, pushing the boundaries of conventional ones. In this article, cosmetics manufacturer ALPOL Cosmetique delves into sustainable galenic formulation: what is it? What are its various approaches? Why should we go for it?

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Cosmetic ingredients and upcycling: does it work? Respect & New Br’earth

Cosmetic ingredients and upcycling: is it a match?

Sustainability seems to be the way forward for beauty brands to develop skincare products. Although they bring increasing imagination to recycling beauty packaging and in cosmetics sector, a shift is happening with upcycling cosmetic ingredients. The phenomenon is growing in the beauty sector as it opens up new perspectives for sustainable formulations. How can these new ingredients be integrated into care formulas? ALPOL Cosmetique shares the secrets of its Upcycl’Care range, made in part from upcycled active ingredients.

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Organic vs Natural Beauty: What You Need to Know Respect & New Br’earth

Understanding differences between Organic and Natural Beauty

To develop a range of sustainable beauty products, it is essential to understand the differences between organic and natural cosmetics. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, their specificities can influence the choice of a cosmetic supplier. How can you tell them apart? In this article, French private label ALPOL Cosmetique provides the ultimate guide to never make a mistake again.

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Green chemistry: what applications in cosmetics? Respect & New Br’earth

Green chemistry: From sustainable chemistry to sustainable beauty?

Global awareness about a cleaner production for the environment and the growing consumer demand for natural and organic beauty products are forcing cosmetics manufacturers to find environmental-friendly chemistry processes. From chemistry-based solutions to safer, greener and sustainable chemistry alternatives, their focus is significantly shifting towards green chemistry. But what is it exactly? And how is it applied in the cosmetics industry?

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Uncovering secrets of organic and natural cosmetics Respect & New Br’earth

Unearthing the power of organic and natural cosmetics: Discover why to back sustainable beauty

In recent years, consumers have become more conscious of the ingredients they use on their skin, wanting healthier and more natural cosmetics. As a result, they initiated strong movements for organic and natural cosmetics that promise to be better for both the body and the planet. Concepts, such as clean beauty, green beauty, or zero waste cosmetics have emerged pushing for sustainable beauty: a fastly growing market. In this article, the ALPOL Cosmetique’s teams dig into eco-friendly skin care emerging concepts, principles, advantages and beauty brands commitments.

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Upcycled cosmetics ingredients: how does it work? Respect & New Br’earth

Upcycling and cosmetic products: how does it work?

Already well developed in the fields of design, decoration, fashion and textiles, the concept of upcycling is the current trend in terms of sustainable development. Lately, beauty brands have been turning to the upcycled cosmetics ingredients as a means of chipping away at the industry’s rampant waste problem. But what is upcycling exactly and how does it work in cosmetics?

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