Covid-19 crisis: side effects on skin care products Respect & New Br’earth

Covid-19 crisis: what are the side effects on skin care products?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is disrupting consumers’ behaviour, bringing substantial shifts in demand. As a result, the beauty industry has been majorly challenged.
The Covid-19 crisis created new consumers’ skin care needs in response to the aftereffect of excessive mask wearing and hand wash. ALPOL Cosmetique examines its likely effects on the skin care products category and puts skin care solutions forward.

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Emerging trends in beauty packaging: what to go for? Respect & New Br’earth

Beauty packaging: what are the emerging trends?

Confronted with ecological emergency and increasing pressure on resources, the cosmetics industry is working to reduce the environmental impact of its products. And this includes its beauty packaging, that represents a significant part of the total carbon footprint for skin care products. Which begged the question: where are we at with cosmetic packaging? ALPOL Cosmetique decodes packaging trends.

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