Everything you need to know about the clean cosmetics trend

Clean Beauty: everything you need to know about this clean cosmetics trend

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What is this clean cosmetics movement? Is it a gateway to a truly cleaner and more effective cosmetics? Are its trends and positions destined to evolve? Are there any Clean Beauty labels? What are the success factors of this clean cosmetics?
ALPOL Cosmetics deciphers the subject with Pascal BROUSSE, founder of Trend Sourcing.

What do we know about Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty is above all a desire to take care of one’s body and even one’s mind by using healthy cosmetic products while respecting nature and the environment.

90% of French consumers believe that natural and/or organic beauty products, formulated without dubious ingredients, have a better impact on their health and lifestyle. They prefer to consume less but better. And this has created a new mode of consumption: more responsible, more local, more transparent.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, analysing formulas used in our skincare products has become a trend. Dedicated applications, such as Yuka or INCI Beauty, can scan the composition of cosmetic products, shifting through preservatives and active ingredients that may be toxic to the consumer.

Faced with this new way of consuming, cosmetics industry players are reinventing themselves to offer cleaner products, more ethical and of high quality, using sustainable beauty packaging. This clean cosmetics alines with the Clean Beauty‘s transparency philosophy.

Clean Beauty as seen by Pascale Brousse

With its 20 years of expertise, the Trend Sourcing go green & sustainable agency accompanies companies in their innovation process by deciphering good practices and new trends in Clean Beauty.

Discover or rediscover through the webinar replay, organised by ALPOL Cosmétique, questions and answers around the topic: “Clean Beauty or Clean Beauties? Let’s talk about the latest trends and best practices.”

Our guest Pascale BROUSSE, founder of Trend Sourcing, shares her vision on this trend for cleaner cosmetics. 

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