Thanks to more than 70 years of expertise in cosmetic field, ALPOL Cosmétique supports you every day in your project. With “Le mag’ “ we decrypt sector news for you, and let you know all about news and changes. Through 4 thematics, you can trust our opinions and eye expert to know and understand everything! Market, consumer and product trends, regulatory changes, etc: everything will be known about designing the product of the future!

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Green beauty: find out all about this natural beauty Respect & New Br’earth

Green Beauty: Passing phase or lasting beauty trend?

Green Beauty, also known as natural beauty, is a booming market in the field of cosmetics.
Consumers are more and more aware and alert to the possible damages beauty products they buy and use can have on their health and the environment. They have become more demanding to products composition as well as the origin of their raw materials.
Alpol Cosmetique looks into the Green Beauty trend, its properties and how to develop a natural beauty product.

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Corporate social responsibility CSR trends in cosmetics Respect & New Br’earth

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): where does the cosmetics industry stand?

Today, companies willingly integrate corporate social responsibility initiatives within their strategic business management in order to improve their overall performance and add value to their brand. Although CSR activities are voluntary-based, developing and implementing a corporate social responsibility strategy make firms contribute to sustainable development. What sustainable challenges is the cosmetics industry facing? Here’s an outline of corporate social responsibility goals and good practices in the cosmetics business.

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All you need to know about efficient skin care sunscreen. Healthy’Listic

How to develop skin care sunscreen?

Developing a skin care sunscreen range can be a real struggle. It is a long, tedious and complex development. Simply because sun protection products must meet a number of requirements including: skin protection from sun damage, sunscreen market trends, effectiveness of the formulation, health protection, environmental-friendly formulation and beauty packaging, etc.

How to develop sun care products with a broad sunscreen? ALPOL Cosmetique recommends its best practices to achieve effectiveness.

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