Thanks to more than 70 years of expertise in cosmetic field, ALPOL Cosmétique supports you every day in your project. With “Le mag’ “ we decrypt sector news for you, and let you know all about news and changes. Through 4 thematics, you can trust our opinions and eye expert to know and understand everything! Market, consumer and product trends, regulatory changes, etc: everything will be known about designing the product of the future!

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Beauty Masks for Face: The Guide for an Ultimate Glow  Healthy’Listic

Unlock Radiance: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Beauty Masks for Face

In the realm of skincare, facial beauty masks have become the norms. They provide a quick and effective solution to address a variety of skin needs, from hydration to combating signs of aging. Whether it’s revitalizing a dull complexion or fighting the effects of pollution, there’s a face mask suitable for every situation. In this article, French private label ALPOL Cosmetique decodes the benefits and types of beauty masks for face to help you make an informed choice.

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All about galenic formulation in sustainable beauty Respect & New Br’earth

Future of Beauty: Going for Responsible Galenic Formulation

As concerns over climate change and pollution continue to grow, consumers are seeking more sustainable beauty. Innovative and responsible galenic forms have emerged, pushing the boundaries of conventional ones. In this article, cosmetics manufacturer ALPOL Cosmetique delves into sustainable galenic formulation: what is it? What are its various approaches? Why should we go for it?

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Organic vs Natural Beauty: What You Need to Know Respect & New Br’earth

Understanding differences between Organic and Natural Beauty

To develop a range of sustainable beauty products, it is essential to understand the differences between organic and natural cosmetics. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, their specificities can influence the choice of a cosmetic supplier. How can you tell them apart? In this article, French private label ALPOL Cosmetique provides the ultimate guide to never make a mistake again.

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Active skincare ingredients for best skin hydration Cosmet Expertise

Skin Hydration: Unveiling the Power of Moisturizer Ingredients

With age and extreme temperatures, whether it be hot or cold, maintaining healthy skin hydration is essential. Which moisturizing active ingredients are best for hydrating the skin? What percentages should you prioritize for optimal skincare results? In this article, the teams at ALPOL Cosmetique, French bespoke private label, shed light on these hydrating active ingredients and how they can be combined for effective skincare formulations and deep skin hydration.

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