All about galenic formulation in sustainable beauty

Future of Beauty: Going for Responsible Galenic Formulation

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As concerns over climate change and pollution continue to grow, consumers are seeking more sustainable beauty. Innovative and responsible galenic forms have emerged, pushing the boundaries of conventional ones. In this article, cosmetics manufacturer ALPOL Cosmetique delves into sustainable galenic formulation: what is it? What are its various approaches? Why should we go for it?

What is Responsible Galenic Formulation?

Cosmetic Galenic: Definition

The term “galenic” comes from pharmaceutical circles. It refers to an excipient (tablet, emulsion, suppository) selected to deliver an active ingredient. In cosmetics, it takes on a different meaning, encompassing the cosmetic texture, sensorial experience, and the substance containing the active ingredients (creams, balms, lotions, serums, sprays, sticks).

Responsible Galenic Formulation: Definition

Responsible galenic form goes beyond cosmetic texture and the mere effectiveness and sensorial experience of the product. It delves into environmental issues and aims for sustainable beauty. Unlike conventional galenic forms, which focus on tolerance, product efficiency, and sensorial properties, the process of responsible galenic formulation is more transparent and sustainable for consumers (impact on carbon footprint, ingredient sourcing and upcycling, minimalist formulas).


All about galenic formulation in sustainable beauty
Why favor responsible galenic formulations?

Why Favor Responsible Galenic Formulations?

The world of cosmetic galenic forms is broad and offers multiple environmentally focused options for brands and manufacturers. Among them are clean formulas with minimal ingredients, upcycling of ingredients, solid cosmetics, eco-friendly beauty packaging, integration of green chemistry principles, local sourcing, and short supply chains. While it remains challenging to combine all of these criteria at once, the challenge lies in their amalgamation.
Responsible galenic formulation encompasses various paths to create new environmentally and health-conscious cosmetic products. These can be achieved while preserving performance and quality, without compromising pleasure or sensorial qualities. The main paths are:

Organic and Natural Cosmetics & Galenic Formulations

Organic and natural cosmetics emphasize the use of natural and/or organically sourced raw materials. They focus on renewable and organic ingredients while avoiding synthetic compounds.

Upcycling & Galenic Formulations

In the realm of beauty, upcycling cosmetics involve reusing ingredients or materials that would otherwise be considered waste. This process leverages underutilized resources to create innovative products, forming a virtuous cycle.

Solid Cosmetics & Galenic Formulations

Care products like solid shampoos or soaps help in significant water savings and reduce the use of plastic and preservatives. They offer a sustainable alternative to liquid products.

Green Chemistry & Galenic Formulations

Green chemistry prioritizes eco-friendly manufacturing processes and the use of non-hazardous, non-toxic solvents. It adheres to 12 foundational principles aimed at reducing the impact of chemistry on the planet and the end consumer. It encourages innovation to create sustainable beauty products.

Optimized Production Processes & Galenic Formulations

Mastering energy consumption in the production processes of responsible galenic formulations is a major challenge in the cosmetics industry. An example of successful optimized manufacturing processes is that of ALPOL Cosmetique’s. Thanks to its effective method, the French cosmetic private label made significant water savings through the implementation of a closed cooling system.


All about galenic formulation in sustainable beauty
Choosing responsible galenic formulations

Choosing Responsible Galenic Formulations

Going for green galenic forms is essential for several reasons including:

Environmental Imperative

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their cosmetic choices and our planet needs environmental-focused actions. The beauty industry can play a pivotal role to address the challenges head on. Thanks to their flexibility and innovation potential, manufacturers have the keys to innovate and act sustainably.

Cosmetic Market Expectations

Beauty brands, market trends and consumers demand eco-friendly care products. As a result, strong movements, such as clean beauty and green beauty have emerged. Meeting these market expectations strengthens the credibility and market positioning of brands that engage in eco-friendly practices.

Alignment with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Green galenic formulation aligns with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept. It reflects shared values with consumers and supports sustainable innovation. For instance, cosmetics manufacturer ALPOL Cosmetique, has incorporated responsible galenic forms as an essential function in its overall strategy, part of its formulation charter.

Technological Innovation

The beauty industry has access to powerful technologies and wide knowledge to create high-quality skin care while minimizing its impact on the planet.

The adoption of responsible galenic forms represents an exciting challenge for the cosmetics industry along with its R&D entities. It encourages innovation, transparency, and better protection of our planet. By adopting this approach, beauty brands and private labels can both support sustainable beauty with products that are good for the skin, health, and the planet as well as gain a competitive advantage!


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