Green beauty: find out all about this natural beauty

Green Beauty: Passing phase or lasting beauty trend?

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Green Beauty, also known as natural beauty, is a booming market in the field of cosmetics.
Consumers are more and more aware and alert to the possible damages beauty products they buy and use can have on their health and the environment. They have become more demanding to products composition as well as the origin of their raw materials.
Alpol Cosmetique looks into the Green Beauty trend, its properties and how to develop a natural beauty product.

What is Green Beauty?

This movement, which originated in the United States, has developed in France through its postulate of natural, more ecological and more responsible beauty.

Although there is no official definition of Green Beauty, nor any certification or label, cosmetic industry professionals and consumers agree on the natural, responsible and/or certified organic character of its natural beauty products.

From the origin of the product’s raw materials to the choice of its cosmetic packaging, including a more local selection of suppliers, it is clear that Green Beauty goes far beyond the product formula.

It is a state of mind, a philosophy, which echoes holistic beauty.

Green Beauty
“What are the characteristics of Green Beauty products?”


What are the characteristics of Green Beauty products?

The specificities of a Green Beauty product are naturally turned towards a greener, cleaner, more transparent beauty, drawn from the principles of Clean Beauty, without artificial ingredients, most often derived from chemical or even petrochemical synthesis (derived from petroleum).  

Green Beauty skin care products are natural beauty products:

  • healthy, 
  • vegan, 
  • and/or certified organic 
  • and/or composed of natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin, according to the standards in force on this subject. Here, the ISO 16128 standard, an international standard for calculating the proportion of natural ingredients in a cosmetic product, lends credibility to the claim that the product is natural, organic or of natural and/or organic origin.

Designed with recyclable or even zero-waste cosmetic packaging, manufacturers of green cosmetics are trying to reduce their environmental impact by using eco-responsible plastic-free packaging.

These natural beauty products are often manufactured as solid cosmetics (guaranteed waste-free, formulated without water), or based on upcycled ingredients (e.g. with an ingredient or part of a natural ingredient, such as unsold fruit or kernels, which, after undergoing the necessary reprocessing, are incorporated into a formula).

Green cosmetics skincare is often associated with the local cosmetics movement, which favours short circuits and responsible producers. 

Green beauty
“How to develop a green cosmetic product?”

How to develop a natural beauty product?

Societies are paying more and more attention to cosmetic care formulas. Indeed, the increased demand for more virtuous products is pushing brands and manufacturers to produce quality skincare products that are good for the skin and harmless to health and the environment, while remaining transparent about their commitments to corporate social responsibility.

But to avoid falling into the pitfalls of “green washing”, an abusive and misleading marketing practice using ecological arguments about skin care products, it is advisable to be accompanied by a professional cosmetics manufacturer with a department dedicated to regulation.


An example is the development of a green cosmetic product and its compliance with the ISO 16128 standard:

Thanks to its Regulatory Department, ALPOL Cosmetics takes into consideration the percentage of naturalness to be achieved right from the product development brief. The company collects the ISO 16128 documentation of its ingredients in order to qualify the origin of the raw materials from its suppliers, with whom it maintains close collaboration. 

Thus, each of its customers benefits from personalised support according to the specificities specified to obtain the expected finished product (oil, serum, cream, etc.)


Do you want to develop a range of green cosmetics or are you looking for personalised advice on the regulation of natural beauty products? Contact our teams.