What is the best food to eat for clear skin? Healthy’Listic

What diet is best for clear skin?

While water is essential for moisturising the skin, the influence of diet on the condition of it is obvious. It is common knowledge that we are what we eat! And our skin is a true reflection of this, whether it is due to the benefits of healthy food or the consequences of a food craving. So what food should we eat for clear skin?
Here are some tips for clear and healthy skin by ALPOL Cosmetique.

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Local beauty: the post Covid-19 emerging beauty trend Healthy’Listic

Local beauty: the Post Covid-19 emerging beauty trend

The global economic & Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on consumer behaviour and needs, disrupting consumer codes of many economic industries, including the beauty industry. Post-Covid-19 macro trends have emerged like the consumption of more sustainable, more ethical, more local and even fully patriotic beauty products. Consumers now favour local beauty. What triggers such a local consumption move? How is the beauty industry staying ahead in the market? ALPOL Cosmetique looked into this beauty trend.

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Acne breakouts and food: what is the relationship? Healthy’Listic

Acne and food: is there a relationship?

Is acne a bad memory from teenage years? Well, unfortunately, a large number of adults still suffer from it. Many reasons are put upfront including foods. Let’s take a closer look at whether diet plays a role in acne and pimples. What foods cause acne breakouts? And what solutions are there to fight acne?

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Holistic skin care routine: renewing beauty routines Healthy’Listic

Inner and outer beauty: a holistic skin care routine

One of the consequences of the 2020 global pandemic will have been the major raise of awareness among individuals of the balance between their inner and outer well-being. As a result, it has set new trends in the beauty industry, including that of indulging oneself to mindfulness treatment. Welcome to the holistic skin care routine era! ALPOL Cosmétique looks into the trend and explains how this beauty routine can be applied to our everyday life.

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