Developing skin care products : 5 key steps to follow Cosmet Expertise

5 key steps to successfully develop skin care products

Are you wishing to develop your own cosmetics brand or range of products but you don’t know where to start to achieve your goal?
Developing a skin care product is a project requiring a number of different skills. It can be a long and twisting road to bring your products to market. But don’t panic because in this article, ALPOL Cosmétique takes you through the five key stages to successfully develop skin care products.

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Covid-19 crisis: side effects on skin care products Healthy’Listic

The COVID-19 Effect: How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Skincare?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is disrupting consumers’ behaviour, bringing substantial shifts in demand. As a result, the beauty industry has been majorly challenged.
The Covid-19 crisis created new consumers’ skin care needs in response to the aftereffect of excessive mask wearing and hand wash. ALPOL Cosmetique examines its likely effects on the skin care products category and puts skin care solutions forward.

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