Green chemistry: what applications in cosmetics? Respect & New Br’earth

Green chemistry: From sustainable chemistry to sustainable beauty?

Global awareness about a cleaner production for the environment and the growing consumer demand for natural and organic beauty products are forcing cosmetics manufacturers to find environmental-friendly chemistry processes. From chemistry-based solutions to safer, greener and sustainable chemistry alternatives, their focus is significantly shifting towards green chemistry. But what is it exactly? And how is it applied in the cosmetics industry?

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What is the best food to eat for clear skin? Healthy’Listic

What diet is best for clear skin?

While water is essential for moisturising the skin, the influence of diet on the condition of it is obvious. It is common knowledge that we are what we eat! And our skin is a true reflection of this, whether it is due to the benefits of healthy food or the consequences of a food craving. So what food should we eat for clear skin?
Here are some tips for clear and healthy skin by ALPOL Cosmetique.

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Acne breakouts and food: what is the relationship? Healthy’Listic

Acne and food: is there a relationship?

Is acne a bad memory from teenage years? Well, unfortunately, a large number of adults still suffer from it. Many reasons are put upfront including foods. Let’s take a closer look at whether diet plays a role in acne and pimples. What foods cause acne breakouts? And what solutions are there to fight acne?

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Cosmetics regulations: how to go-to-market efficiently? Cosmet Expertise

Cosmetics regulations: how to place on the market in compliance?

Developing and marketing a new cosmetic product requires the knowledge and ability to master specific key steps, sometimes complex to understand and implement. Among them, cosmetics regulations are at the core of concerns as they impact both on cosmetic ingredients and finish products.
So, when should one integrate regulatory affairs in their cosmetic development project? And what exactly are regulations on cosmetics? Let’s check this out.

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Upcycled cosmetics ingredients: how does it work? Respect & New Br’earth

Upcycling and cosmetic products: how does it work?

Already well developed in the fields of design, decoration, fashion and textiles, the concept of upcycling is the current trend in terms of sustainable development. Lately, beauty brands have been turning to the upcycled cosmetics ingredients as a means of chipping away at the industry’s rampant waste problem. But what is upcycling exactly and how does it work in cosmetics?

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Cosmet Expertise

AGEC law: what obligations for beauty actors in 2022?

The collective awareness and successive movements associated with the fight against waste have led the French government to pass an anti-waste law for a circular economy – the AGEC law.
The law applies to all sectors of activity, so what about the beauty sector? What are the major milestones for personal care products in 2022?

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