Smart beauty, beauty tech and artificial intelligence

Smart beauty: how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the face of the cosmetic industry?

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Artificial intelligence adds a whole new dimension to the cosmetics industry, creating a strong trend of “smart beauty” or “bespoke beauty”.
Offering a new consumer experience, it opens up to a broad range of possible options for highly personalised skin care.
Here is an overview of cosmetic innovations offering 100% customised skin care.

Smart beauty: what is it?

Smart beauty is the artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) hacking into the cosmetics industry.

Consumers simply love it, especially Millennials and Gen Z, born in the digital era, who seek innovation and immediacy. So for the past few years, beauty brands have been stepping up their efforts and ingenuity to win them over.

What is the goal of smart beauty?

To renewing the consumer experience by making it more fun and to provide bespoke beauty with more effective and ultra-personalised cosmetics.

This fully customer-centric and exclusive beauty service marketing approach is now favored over a sale of goods only and reinvents beauty routines.

From smart mirrors with prior virtual make-up test to smartphones offering a personalized skin or hair analysis in real time, cosmetic innovations thrive thanks to AI.


Innovations cosmétiques et intelligence artificielle
Smart beauty powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Smart beauty powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches nowdays make it possible to gain a very thorough analysis of consumers’ new and future direction.
The focus set on their preferences and expectations leads cosmetic brands to think about new products that meet consumers’ requirements. A step further to the bespoke cosmetics era!

This a new and tailor-made cosmetic experience made possible thanks to the emergence of connected tools.

Applications and their algorithms, as well as intelligent devices, have galvanised increased activity in the cosmetics field.

There is a common goal to this: to work for the consumer as well as the beauty brand.


Innovations cosmétiques et intelligence artificielle
Personalised skin care is powered by artificial intelligence

Examples of personalised skin care powered by AI

From an application that analyzes in real time your skin’s condition to a smart device that delivers personalised skin care and online questionnaires, here’s a summary of major cosmetic innovations:

  • French beauty brand laboratory La Roche-Posay provides an online facial scan app that detects blemishes for acne-prone skinEffaclar Spotscan.
  • Another dermo-cosmetic innovation from the laboratory is their My Skin Track UV sensor. It measures the skin’s exposure to UV and pollution.
  • The L’Oréal Group developed an intelligent device named – Perso. It creates on-demand, personalized formulas for skincare, lipstick, and foundation that optimize over time — incorporating real-time skin assessment, air-quality, pollution data and trend analysis.
  • Cosmetics brand My Blend developed an LED face mask – myLEDMask that promotes an ultimate cosmetic beauty experience made possible through the power of light with infrared LED technology; suitable for all skin tones and stimulating collagen production.
  • Jean-Michel Karam and his brand of personalised care – IOMA offers an ultra-sophisticated and patented skin analysis tool, recommending a bespoke beauty ritual based on day cream, night cream, eye care and serum. It is available online and in retail outlets.
  • The beauty brand Mycodage designs a cosmetic serum formula with your choice of texture, active ingredients and their concentration. Their goal: to meet all the skin’s needs thanks to its online formulation algorithm.


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