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Bespoke private label cosmetics manufacturer: your asset partner

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With an increasing demand for skin type personalized products, it is standard practice for cosmetics brands to outsource their products design. They bring in high-level cosmetics manufacturing experts combining several activities. They are the new bespoke cosmetics manufacturers. But what exactly is a bespoke cosmetic manufacturer or private label? How do they support beauty brands? What is their added value?

What is a private label cosmetics manufacturer?

A private label cosmetics manufacturer is a company specialised in the custom-development and -manufacturing of custom-made cosmetic products. They formulate and supply cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical goods according to the client’s specific needs. 

Personal or private label cosmetics businesses are full service: advisers, doers and suppliers. They operate from product’s marketing to formulation designing and production within needed timescales. They generally conduct all stages of cosmetics products development and help you successfully develop skin care products.

Working with a private label cosmetics manufacturer requires combining several interconnected activities. Let’s take a closer look at its key features.

Le métier de façonnier cosmétique par ALPOL Cosmétique
ALPOL Cosmetique’s 5 key features to being a cosmetics partner

ALPOL Cosmétique’s 5 key features to being a cosmetics partner

1. Bespoke cosmetics manufucturer and formulation design

In order to design cosmetics products suited to specific needs, the cosmetics supplier needs to define a personal cosmetic formula and choose:

  • its ingredients
  • its texture
  • its shape.

Cosmetic formula is a key step to successfully develop a line or range of skin care products.  

At ALPOL Cosmétique, each formula parameter has been thought of to suit the project: active ingredients for skin care benefits, sensoriality for a pleasurable use and texture for an easy application.

Research and development for sensorial, emotional and even playful textures are carried out at the ALPOL Cosmétique R&D laboratory, located in Château-Gaillard in the Ain region, near Lyon in France.

The cosmetics manufacturer teams manage over 1,000 skin care products range development projects per year.


2. Bespoke cosmetics manufucturer and customers 

Some private label cosmetics manufacturers offer different levels of services. They can be full custom services, or partly custom services. For ALPOL Cosmétique, it is a 360° full custom support at every phase of a cosmetic product’s development: from product consultation, to marketing and conception to production. 

Understanding ought to be flexible and adapted to beauty brands highly challenging needs. Nurturing and facilitating are key features to successfully respond to customers. 

Total control over the entire value chain in both beauty and pharmaceutical fields is key to quality support. It allows ALPOL Cosmétique to anticipate, maintain or create new and increasingly innovative cosmetics. 



3. Total control over the value chain

ALPOL Cosmétique combines different activities to build the answers that are best suited to the customer context. It starts from the point of marketing product research, to conception, including R&D, manufacturing and distribution. It involves high-quality technical translation of the client’s needs and expectations through each phase of cosmetics product development:  

  • Support in the conception of a skin care product with the sales & marketing teams. They define the initial need and determine the future shape of the cosmetic project.
  • Formulation achieved through the R&D laboratory is at the core of the concerns of ALPOL Cosmétique. Pre-project product manufacturing tests are carried out on site to boast the  “Made in France” label.
  • Quality is a true leitmotif leading to every action taken in every single department of the company. Quality is the driving force providing continuous innovation and improvements to client satisfaction. The aim of the Quality Department is to control the traceability of raw materials, formulations as well as end-products.
  • Regulatory affairs provide reliability, compliance and trust through the value chain. Cosmetics manufacturer ALPOL Cosmétique is keen to involve its teams as early as the product’s shaping with the sales & marketing teams.
  • Production produces over 1000 T of cosmetics end-products per year. All comply with the applicable requirements in force along with the customer’s needs and just-in-time production and delivery.

ALPOL Cosmétique advocates a performing and sustainable support by coordinating all parties involved in each of its cosmetics projects. The bespoke cosmetics manufacturer surrounds itself with carefully selected local partners. 

This is indeed a virtuous circle where each action is linked without being divided in order to strengthen existing, long-lasting partnerships and create new ones.


4. Bespoke cosmetics manufucturer and innovation

“From innovation to manufacturing”, this is key to the bespoke cosmetics manufacturer who feeds its undertaken reflections and actions all the way through each project development. To ALPOL Cosmétique, “difference lies within innovation”.

Jérôme Six, ALPOL Cosmétique CEO shares his views on making a difference through innovation. As a matter of fact at ALPOL Cosmétique’s, innovation is key number 1 to support its customers.

5.Bespoke cosmetics manufucturer and entrepreneurship

In short, being a bespoke cosmetics manufacturer means being an entrepreneur on several levels. It also means being a partner as it delivers adequate responses to the high demands of beauty brands and pharmaceutical businesses through high-quality skin care end-products.

Bespoke cosmetics manufacturer for over 70 years, ALPOL Cosmétique is an international trusted partner to pharmaceutical and cosmetics brands across the globe. 

Thanks to its renowned expertise in the dermo-cosmetics, dermo-aesthetics and suncare industry, the company uses its innovation and unique French know-how to support closely its customers to shape tomorrow’s cosmetics


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