Personalised skin care: how to renew cosmetics consumer experience?

Personalised Skin Care: The New Face of Consumer experience?

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Only 25% of consumers find that beauty products are specifically adapted to their needs and suit their skin type.
Driven by consumers’ rising desire for skin care products that perfectly match their needs, lifestyle and environment, the personalised skin care market is booming.

Due to this increased demand for personalised skin care and thanks to technological developments, cosmetics brands now offer ultra-personalised products: skin diagnosis, type of care to adopt, beauty routine, etc. Welcome to the smart beauty era!

How does it fit into the consumer experience? Why choose personalised skin and smart beauty as a brand? Do connected beauty or tailor-made care affiliate with clean beauty?

One of the pioneering brands in the field of personalised skin care is IOMA, a database that diagnoses each skin type to offer it the appropriate tailor-made cosmetics.

Its founder Jean-Michel KARAM, a well-known serial entrepreneur, took part in a webinar organised by ALPOL Cosmetique and answered questions on this topic.

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