Bespoke cosmetics manufacturer by ALPOL Cosmetique Cosmet Expertise

Bespoke private label cosmetics manufacturer: your asset partner

With an increasing demand for skin type personalized products, it is standard practice for cosmetics brands to outsource their products design. They bring in high-level cosmetics manufacturing experts combining several activities. They are the new bespoke cosmetics manufacturers. But what exactly is a bespoke cosmetic manufacturer or private label? How do they support beauty brands? What is their added value?

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All about cosmetic preservatives Cosmet Expertise

Cosmetic preservatives: why are they in our beauty products?

Consumer resistance to use beauty products with synthetic preservatives has led to a new trend of minimally formulated products. In the Cosmetic industry, professionals are looking to develop cosmetic products free from some ingredients, as preservatives. But the substitution of preservatives is not the easiest.
What are these cosmetic preservatives used for? What role do they play in cosmetic products? Are they essential?

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What you need to know about the IFRA 49th Amendment Cosmet Expertise

All you need to know about the IFRA 49th Amendment

The release of the IFRA 49th Amendment has made some serious disruption in the compliance of fragrances and their ingredients among the players of the fragrance cosmetics industry.
What is the key information of the 49th IFRA amendment? How can it be implemented?
ALPOL Cosmétique has investigated the subject.

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Developing skin care products : 5 key steps to follow Cosmet Expertise

5 key steps to successfully develop skin care products

Are you wishing to develop your own cosmetics brand or range of products but you don’t know where to start to achieve your goal?
Developing a skin care product is a project requiring a number of different skills. It can be a long and twisting road to bring your products to market. But don’t panic because in this article, ALPOL Cosmétique takes you through the five key stages to successfully develop skin care products.

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