All you need to know about private label cosmetics

Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturers: a powerful advantage for beauty brands

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For beauty professionals, is using a private label cosmetics company frowned upon?
Some would-be cosmetic business owners question their legitimity and usefulness. French private label cosmetics manufacturer ALPOL Cosmetique clarifies the assets of such an experience: what are private labels cosmetics? How do they work? How can they help launch new cosmetic businesses?

What is a private label cosmetics company?

Une marque blanche cosmétique représente un fabricant cosmétique (ou « private label » en anglais). Elle crée des produits cosmétiques sur mesure pour une marque de beauté connue.

Elle les conçoit et les fabrique selon les exigences de l’entreprise cliente pour lui permettre de les labelliser au nom propre de cette même entreprise.

Le nom du fournisseur ou fabricant cosmétique n’apparaît pas sur les étiquettes ni les produits cosmétiques finis une fois mis sur le marché. D’où le terme de marque blanche cosmétique.

Ainsi, la cosmétique en marque blanche obtenue par l’entreprise cliente est perçue par les consommateurs comme une gamme de soins cosmétiques née de sa propre fabrication.


Tout savoir sur les marques blanches cosmétiques
Why use private label cosmetics companies?

Why use private label cosmetics companies?

Working with private label cosmetics manufacturers ensures cosmetic business owners have access to a faster way to bring their cosmetic ideas to life through more affordable manufacturing, cosmetic innovation and diversification. Here are the main advantages:

  • Easy, quick and affordable facilities
  • Time saving in terms of overall implementation: from the validation of the product development project to its launch on the market
  • Flexibility in terms of clients specs and access to a wide-range of quality-tested sample formulations (access to quality ingredients, creative textures, etc) for full custom formulation design
  • Product development in line with market trends
  • Customer support from a team of dedicated experts
  • Advanced technical expertise in Research & Development thanks to its integrated cosmetic laboratory
  • Regulatory affairs reliability environment based on a constant vigilance on cosmetic regulations and appropriate recommendations made as a result.


The above-listed advantages and services ensure young cosmetic brands to launch their new business and sell their own cosmetics line, without having to spend a fortune on hiring a manufacturing plant or doing their own Research & Development into essential formulas.

For mid-cap cosmetics companies and multinational beauty brands, working with private label cosmetics suppliers allow them to expand their portfolio with additional cosmetic goods such as face cream, cleansing oil, organic serum, natural CBD stick, makeup, etc, with innovative non-mastered galenics, while respecting their own formulas’ DNA.


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All you need to know about private label cosmetics
How does a private label cosmetics manufacturer work?

How does a private label cosmetics manufacturer work?

Private label cosmetics manufacturers are allied to beauty professionals and offer customizable solutions. Their work approach is based on answering their clients’ specifications with performing, reliable and custom-made products while remaining anonymous in the marketing process.


In France, for instance, bespoke private label cosmetics manufacturer – ALPOL Cosmetique promises an unprecedent private label full service supporting its clients at every step of their product development process. Among the advantages listed above, it also includes:

  • designing custom-made skincare formulations or choosing from a wide-range of quality-testing product formulations,
  • choosing templates or custom-made packaging and branding options to help make product production quick and launch the cosmetic line on the market,
  • implementing innovation and quality are at the heart of its customers’ projects.

With ALPOL Cosmetique, once the cosmetic product is out on the market, high cosmetovigilance remains constant. The private label cosmetics manufacturer devotes significant attention to communicating reliable regulatory changes observed in the cosmetics industry to its customers.

Nowadays, beauty professionals are looking for agile and flexible ways to successfully develop skin care products and schemes where the initial operation of big laboratories that gave rise to multinational brands is evolving.

To conclude, French private label cosmetics manufacturer ALPOL Cosmetique works side-by-side with its clients and is a trusted partner helping beauty brands to bring their cosmetic business ideas to life, while shaping cosmetics of tomorrow.


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